Moving can be a traumatic & stressful experience for you and your family. Gather as much information as possible about what the process involves. In doing this, you can prevent running into unnecessary issues.

There can be many reasons for moving house, but only two ways to move your precious belongings. Choosing whether you should hire a removal company or do the move yourself, is up to you and you should carefully evaluate the pros and cons that each option presents before making a decision.

Choosing between a DIY move or hiring a professional company is not an easy decision, but will most probably be based on your priorities of time vs. money. For example, hiring a removal company may save you time, but there are extra costs involved, whereas doing the move yourself will save you money but will be more time consuming. Other issues that may affect your decision could be the distance between homes, and the number of items needing to be moved.

Here is a closer look at both options:

Going the self-move route

Most home owners choose this option when looking to cut costs after purchasing a new property, and you are more likely to save money this way. However, you need to make sure that you are fully able to execute a solo house move without creating more unnecessary stress.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that a DIY move is not suitable for house moves over a long distance, as there may be many back and forth trips involved until you have fully transported your belongings into your new home. Another responsibility you will have to take up will be the need to hire a suitable vehicle which can transport your goods if you don’t have one large enough. It may be best to gather the help of family & friends, as you will not only be packing and unpacking yourself, but you will also be offloading boxes and furniture.

Some benefits of a self-move include being able to pack up your items in your own time and work according to your own schedule. On the day of the move, however, you have to be prepared to do quite a couple of trips between residences.

Hiring a furniture removal company

When choosing a removal company, you need to choose an option that will not only suit your budget but your moving schedule too. Additional to transporting your belongings, many moving establishments will offer different levels of service such as the option to pack your household goods, loading boxes and furniture, and unpacking at your new home.

To get a clear indication of the costs involved, it is important that you get a couple of quotes first from reputable movers. It’s important to state all your moving requirements upfront and include all the required details of the logistics of the move.  Many removal companies include an inventory list to be completed in order to give you a more accurate quote.

After an evaluation of your move, the moving company will present you with a quote. Once this quote is accepted, a date can be set and your moving can begin. On the day of the move, the removal company can send a crew of packers to your home to prepare all of your belongings for transportation if you choose not to pack the boxes yourself. A truck will arrive which all your precious belongings will be loaded into. The truck then leaves and makes its way to your new residence, where all the unpacking begins on arrival.

Hiring a removal service is definitely the least stressful way to move if you have the budget for it; however, there can be risks involved such as damage to your household goods, so make sure your insurance covers the move, or if there is a possibility of including insurance as part of your quote.

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